SmartOffice training


Britt Normet is certified Pilates Master in Romana Kryzanowska training system. She is founder of True Pilates Estonia and has been acting as Pilates trainer since 2003. Britt’s biggest wish is to lead people to healthier life.


The aim of the training is to make people notice their posture and if needed to carry out simple excercises that will help to energize body and mind. Good posture is essential for strong health. Exercises will help to maintain and develop it. Noticing ourselves and others around is still very important in today’s highly developed IT world.

The training is targeted to all people who spend most of their time in forced position for example sitting in front of computer.

Main topics are tied with posture and posture developing exercises. We use visual materials. During practical part different simple exercises will be performed that later can be easily carried out in office conditions. Pilates techniques will be used.


Participants will feel that their health is important also for the company, that they are valuable. He/she will acquire simple tips how to work on posture during office times. They will also be more aware of importance of good example and influence on co-workers.


Training lasts for 1h and group size is up 500 people.

We come to your office. There should be chairs and projector in the room (we will show some visual materials from computer in-between the exercises). As alternative we can offer to carry out the training in studio of True Pilates Estonia (Tartu mnt.43 / Fr.R.Kreutzwaldi 24, Tallinn), where up to 50 people fit.


Britt Normet
+372 555 35 057