At True Pilates Estonia Studio, we offer a full range of private instruction from Beginner to Advanced. Classes are 45 minutes long.

True Pilates Estonia studio is a fully equipped Pilates studio, offering the following:

2x Universal Reformer; Cadillac; 2x Wunda Chair; Electric/High Chair; Baby Chair; Guillotine; Ladder Barrel; Spine Corrector; Small Arc Barrel; Magic Circle; Swedish Bar Unit; Mat; Foot Corrector; 3x Studio Equipment wall.

We require our clients to first take an Individual Class, where we will evaluate your needs and design a program to meet your goals.


PRIVATE 1x 90€

PRIVATE 10x  850€ (valid 2 months)

DUO (for partners, friends) 10x 590€ (price per person)(valid 2 months)

SMALL GROUP (max 4 people) 10x 450€ (price per person) (valid 2 months)

Therapeutic pilates (private)

Duration 30 min

1x 59€
10x 570€

Private class for any injury or medical issue that needs a special attention, also suitable for elderly or for children.


60 min – 60€

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Booking & cancellation

Your booking is confirmed after we have received an advance payment.

 There is a strict 24-hour cancellation policy.