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Pilates Instructor Training Program in True Pilates Estonia

Teacher: Britt Normet

Britt Normet is Romana’s Pilates certified instructor since 2007. She has been trained by Romana Kryzanowska, Sari Mejia Santo and other elders. She is very passionate to see new teachers learning the system, and is dedicating her future career training new teachers all over in Nordic countries.

We are offering the highest quality instructor training program in the industry.  Using a structured, holistic approach every student must successfully pass performance assessments that cover all the key pieces of Pilates equipment!

We develop instructors using techniques and knowledge that is as close to the original teaching as is available anywhere in the world. The global network of deeply experienced and knowledgeable instructor trainers, training manuals, and accompanying workshops are considered to be some of the best resources in the Pilates industry.

“The whole country, the whole world should be doing my exercises, they’d be happier”
Joseph Pilates

Instructor Training Program in True Pilates Estonia studio

Quality, Commitment, Experience

These are the core values we bring to any student who enrolls in our Instructor Training Program (“ITP”). ALL Romana’s Pilates instructor trainers are handpicked, guided and directly mentored by the best teachers.

Our studio is linked with the Pilates Studio in Hague to train pilates instructors. Our students will do most training in True Pilates Estonia studio in Tallinn, and all the assessments and seminars are held in The Pilates Studio, Hague

Photos from instructors refresher course, February 2019. Thank you Pilates Partners and Pilates Gym Jatta.

Preparation for the Training Program

Compulsory Preparation for Instructor Training Program:

Applicant must complete at least 75 private classes mastering the technique up to intermediate/advanced level. Readiness to enter the program will be assessed 3 times during the preparation period. Pilates X level master teacher Marjorie Oron will assess our students in The Pilates Studio in Hague (Netherlands).

Step 1

The preparation process is 75x private classes in Tallinn, True Pilates Estonia studio – recommended duration is nine months, two privates per week to have time to practice)

Price for a private class is 85€

Express preparation:
To complete the preparation program quicker that in 6 months the privates’ fee will be 135€ per private.

Step 2

3x process assessments in True Pilates Estonia or The Pilates Studio in Hague

The price depends on the price list of the studio.

Instructor Training Program

Held in True Pilates Estonia and The Pilates Studio in Hague

Cost: 7000€


a. Basic seminar and assessment
b. Intermediate seminar and assessment
c. Advanced seminar and assessment
d. Observation and consultation until the program completed.

Extra cost:

a. Additional privates lessons.
b. Flights and accommodations

If you want to become the best Pilates teacher in the world join us!

To join the program please contact us:

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