True Pilates Estonia studio,  is fully equipped Pilates studio, offering the following:

2x Universal Reformer 
2x Wunda Chair 
Electric/High Chair
Baby Chair
Ladder Barrel
Spine Corrector
Small Arc Barrel
Magic Circle
Swedish Bar Unit
Foot Corrector
3x Studio Wallunits

At True Pilates Estonia Studio, we offer a full range of private instruction from Beginner to Advanced. We schedule you to fit your needs. Classes are 45 minutes long.


We require our clients to first take an Individual Class, where we will evaluate your needs and design a program to meet your goals. We offer Individual and Group classes at the following rates: 

PRIVATE 30 min power-training 49€ Private class for quick and strong workout or for children.  Duration c 25-30 min. 


PRIVATE 10 X  790€ (valid 2 month) 

DUO  10x 490€ (price per person)(valid 2 month)

TRIO 10x 390€ (price per person) (valid 2 month)

GROUPCLASSES 149€/month (1 year contract ). Contains unlimeted classes on mat per week.

GRUPCLASSES 10x  199€ (valid 2 month) 


Booking policy:

Your booking is confirmed after we have received an advance payment. 

In order to secure regular schedule for the entire season, we kindly ask you to pay in advance for next months’ sessions. If you need to cancel agreed times, we require at least 1 month notice period.


 There is a strict 24-hour cancellation policy.